Review from a satisfied client

By: Healthy Energy   17-Oct-2013
Keywords: Lose Weight, Dietitian, Sports Nutrition

“I wanted to come and see a dietitian to help lose weight and I wanted to train for a marathon. I wanted to do it correctly and be able to finish the race which I did and did it easy! I also wanted to lose body fat. The meal plan provided for marathon training has a lot of carbs which I didn’t eat and I had to drink a lot of water which I never knew about. The meal plan was basically just healthy eating that help me run and I was never tired after. I have also lost a lot of weight and body fat. I have lost 4% body fat and I am going to keep going on with the eating plan. The most valuable things I learnt was the eating plan and a few things that I have been unsure about. I followed it and seeing the results, therefore I have been sticking to it like bananas! Anyway someone said you shouldn’t have banana everyday but according to my results I do need it and it does give you energy! I will and have recommended someone from my gym but not sure whether they can get hold of you! People at the gym are dying to see my results so I will take to gym because they can’t wait to see whether it worked for me or not!” - Sue from Langwarrin, Marathon runner, 4% fat loss

Keywords: Accredited Practicing Dietitan, Dietitian, Lose Weight, Sports Nutrition,