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By: Maroondah Battery & Charger Supplies  27-May-2016
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The Perfect charging solutions for lithium, flooded, AGM or gel batteries. The ePOWER Battery Charger is a fully automatic, “set and forget” charger. It is designed to quickly and accurately recharge your batteries using algorithms that help maximize service life. Multistage smart charging technology enables the charger to be connected to your battery banks permanently. As dictated by battery manufacturer’s recommendations, batteries require a multistage charge sequence for perfect, fast and accurate charging. Our ePOWER multistage smart chargers deliver four primary charge stages:- Stage 1 – Bulk or Boost Charge; The battery is charged at full rated output current of the charger until the battery reaches its final charging voltage, known as its absorption voltage. In this step, around 80% of the battery capacity is recovered as fast as possible. Stage 2 – Absorption Charge; With the charger voltage held steady the remaining 20% is replaced allowing the current to drop as the battery approaches its full charge. Stage 3 – Float; Finally, in the float stage the charger voltage is lowered and held at a constant and safe predetermined level. This prevents the battery from being overcharged while supporting any additional loads connected to the battery, such as DC lighting and refrigerators. This stage allows for the charger to be used as a DC power supply. Stage 4 – Maintenance; This stage is a regular timed “return to bulk” stage. After 7 days of constant operation in “float” the ePOWER Battery Charger will switch the charger from float to bulk to agitate the batteries electrolyte helping to provide an extended service life.

Keywords: 12v Battery Charger, 24v Battery Charger, Battery Chargers, Epower Battery Chargers,

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