Chai Rocks

By: tease tea  10-Sep-2012
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Chai means spice tea, there are many different Chai teas on the market.

Our spice tea has some beautiful characteristics and changes in flavour the longer you brew it, as well as how you brew it.

Chai can be enjoyed with soy or dairy milk.

It has been know as the tea drinkers coffee!

How to make the perfect Chai rocks (tea) in a pot . Add 2 heaped teablespoons of Chai Rocks to your pot 350ml or 450ml. Add hot water & brew for 1 - 5 minutes, the longer it brews the stronger the flavour. This tea can even be left to go bitter and then add honey or sugar to taste. Enjoy black or white!

To use as a latte Use 1/3 chai to 2/3 hot frothy milk, add honey or sugar to taste.

Enjoy your latte.

For those of us who just want to get the most out of the leaves put four tablespoons in a small saucepan with water and simmer for at least five mins, Get a medium saucepan and half fill with milk, bring to simmer, strain the leaves out of the small saucepan and add to milk. stir and pour into mugs.

The tea will be bitter, have a taste before you add sugar or honey and be amazed as the bitterness and sweetness counter react each other.

Can be done with just milk, just remember to strain the leaves out before you pour into a mug.

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