Free IT health check

By: MITS:Health  04-Feb-2014
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We provide a free IT health check for all new customers and will provide you with a full report on the health of your computer systems. This is a great way to establish a benchmark for your network prior to the commencement of improvements, ensuring the strategic alignment of your IT investment. The health check looks at the following: Security - We will test for vulnerabilities in your systems that leave your network open to attack and make recommendations to address these. Backups - We will review your backup schedule and systems to ensure they are adequate. If you use a Business Continuity Plan, we will audit your backups against that plan. If not, we'll provide advice based on best practice and industry standards. Software - Defining your Standard Operating Environment (SOE), we'll check that alll servers and workstations have the correct software and versions needed to ensure you meet the needs of your staff as well as licensing and security requirements. Hardware - The check audits against minimum requirements for the software being used in your practice. Internet connectivity and presence - We will test your internet connection and provide recommendations to improve performance. We can also provide advice on your website design, layout, maintenance and hosting. Power management - Servers and shared infrastucture should be protected against power outages and fluctuations. We will check equipment is properly protected and that UPS are functioning correctly.

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