No Gym Training Bootcamps Aberfeldie Park Maribyrnong River Commencing 16/Jan/2012

No Gym Training Bootcamps Aberfeldie Park Maribyrnong River Commencing 16/Jan/2012 from NO GYM TRAINING

By: NO GYM TRAINING  27-Nov-2011
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No Gym Training Bootcamps at Aberfeldie Park Maribyrnong River Commencing 16/Jan/2012 Want to increase your strength, endurance, speed, agility and have fun at the same time? Boot Camp Training at No Gym Training is a very effective and enjoyable way to lose weight, shape your body and increase you energy. Boot Camps create encouraging, friendly, fun environments, which allow you to improve your health, physically, mentally and emotionally. Not your usual military "yell the fat off them" kind of boot camp. Our bootcamps, while being challenging for every fitness level, provide you with a much more encouraging and fun environment to reach goals. No two classes are the same apart from Boxing training at every session. That's because your Personal Trainer is going to design and tailor the class for the people training with them. You can expect as part of your personal fitness training across a course you will run (or jog and walk till you run), climb (stairs, not walls), use your own body weight and the trees, benches, fences around you for resistance, skip, do circuits .Expect battle ropes,speed and agility equipment,skipping ropes and of course boxing for fitness at the core of every session. Boxing for fitness at No Gym Training Maribyrnong is one of the most effective ways to raise your heart rate, strengthen your muscles, flatten your stomach and just make you feel really, really good. We have a bunch of great boxing routines to build into every Bootcamp fitness session, combined with all the other great ways of giving your body the functional body work-out it deserves and get fit and lose weight. Tired of not getting results and boring gym workouts.Register today for a an enjoyable, challenging, but fully functional solution to your health and fitness needs. Up to the challenge? Try a session of bootcamps with No Gym Training at Aberfeldie Park Maribrynong River Sessions for 1 hour at 6 am and 7 am. Mon, Wed and Fri Commencing 16/Jan/2012

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