Looking for a Melbourne Massage Therapist? You’ve come to the right place.

Looking for a Melbourne Massage Therapist? You’ve come to the right place. from May Lynn

By: May Lynn  20-Jul-2011
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May Lynn has a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy and is currently completing her Diploma of Remedial Massage at MIMT – Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy. May is also a Hot Stone Massage practitioner with experience in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. In addition May can perform Oriental, Clinical Relaxation, Sports & Therapeutic Massages. May enjoys treating patients of all ages. She gets a buzz from helping people get back to destination relaxation and rejuvenation. For full details, read Inlign Osteopathy’s Massage Options.

Member Australian Association of Massage Therapists

About May Lynn
May Lynn is a vibrant massage therapist with a passion for helping people both relax and recuperate. May has a personable, professional and caring nature. Having completed a certificate IV in Massage Therapy, May is currently completing her diploma in Remedial Massage.


  • Certificate IV in Massage Therapy
  • Currently Completing Dip Remedial Massage
  • Member Australian Association of Massage Therapists

May offers three different kinds of massage. These include:

Relaxation Massage
(30 or 60 minutes)
Perfect to rejuvenate you back to cloud nine. May’s relaxation massage will work to physically ease your stresses and send your relaxation endorphins throughout your body. Do you prefer a softer massage, or a massage with a bit more force? May’s flexible style can accommodate exactly how you want to be massaged.

Therapeutic Massage
(30 or 60 minutes)
A therapeutic massage is a great way to ease your body’s aches and pains. May will closely assess and massage the areas of your body that are crying out for attention. This could be your shoulders, lower back, neck or other areas.

Hot Stone Massage
(60 or 90 minutes)
Wanting to take massage to the next level? You need to try a Hot Stone Massage. A Hot Stone Massage combines a relaxation massage with the deep heat penetrating powers of hot basalt stones. These hot stones are placed directly onto your body’s key areas to super charge your massage affect.

What can I expect in the consultation?

Massage is a hands on practice which involves a confidential one on one consultation with your massage therapist. A brief medical history is taken in the first consultation, which will cover relevant matters such as activities, work environment, diet and past injuries. This is taken to ensure your therapist knows how to best help you with your specific presentation.

A physical assessment is then conducted to best determine the most effective treatment for your condition.

This assessment may include:
Physical examination
Range of motion testing
Postural assessment
Orthopaedic assessment
Neurological testing
Active palpation
Passive palpation

A treatment plan will then be formulated and explained to you in detail. This plan will include the hands on treatment, as well as some corrective exercises and stretches to be undertaken at home, as well as advice on management that can be undertaken by yourself between your consultations to best assist the improvement of the injury.

What treatment techniques are used?

Techniques used will vary on your presented complaint, but may include:
Manual soft tissue techniques – such as myofascial release and deep tissue massage.
Trigger Point Therapy- to release specific points of tension within the affected musculature
Muscle stretching – to release areas of tension in a gentle but effective manner
Postural corrective exercises – strengthening or stretching exercises to be undertaken at home/work
Hot and cold therapy – the application of heat or cold onto the affected area to be done at home

I always feel a bit sore after a massage. Is this normal?

If you experience pain, headache or bruising after your treatment this can be a normal post-treatment outcome. Always check with your therapist if you are not sure of types of outcomes you could receive from the specific therapeutic massage you are to receive. If you are uncomfortable or unsure at any stage of the massage, be sure to tell your therapist.

What’s the difference between remedial massage and osteopathy?

Both treatment types have their place when it comes to your health. Remedial massage is good for when you have tired and achy muscles after exercise or sedentary periods (like at work). They can also help with general relaxation or sporting or workplace injuries to decrease muscle spasm and thereby decreasing pain. Click here for further information on how massage can help you.

An osteopath will look not only at your muscles, but at the whole structure of the body to make sure that everything is aligned. They can help with more specific pain conditions where massage just isn’t enough. Osteopaths will often work together with your massage therapists to ensure the best results for you. Click here for more information on how osteopathy can help you.

Why Choose Us?

Inlign Osteopathy and Massage strives to give you the best result possible, so you can perform at your best. Massage can be used to assist with your osteopathic treatment, or can be used as a treatment in its own right.

Below are six reasons you should trust May Lynn with your health:

Specialist Treatment Technique: Inlign’s massage therapist, May Lynn has completed a certificate IV in Massage Therapy. In addition May is completing a Diploma in Remedial Massage. This passion for massage ensures you’re in good hands. Above and beyond this, May excels in the practice of premium patient care and in the ability to ensure you’re getting the best out of your body. You’re in safe hands.

Communication: Communication and trust is vital in any patient/practitioner relationship. May places a strong emphasis in explaining everything both before and during your remedial massage treatment.

No Excessive Treatments: At Inlign Osteopathy and Massage we constantly hear stories about patients being asked to return for treatments week after week. Upon discussion and diagnosis we often find that this arrangement is far from beneficial. Especially for your wallet. May will not schedule unnecessary treatments. The reputation of our clinic rests on helping you back to long term health as quick and easily as possible. If May provides a great massage to you, you’re happy and more likely to refer your friends for a treatment. It’s a win-win situation.

Focusing on you: May aims to earn your trust to build a long term treatment relationship with you. To earn this trust, May will always be open and honest. Inlign Osteopathy & Massage prides itself on the number of referrals from other satisfied patients. In fact over 70% of new patients contacting Inlign Osteopathy and Massage have been recommended by other satisfied patients. We want you to be the next satisfied patient.

Confidentiality: Inlign Osteopathy & Massage strictly adheres to patient/doctor confidentiality. All consultations will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Industry Member: May is a member of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT). AAMT is an industry body that advocate of high standard of ethical and professional practice.

Contact Us
To book a massage with May, contact Inlign Osteopathy and Massage today:

Ph: (03) 9827 5315
Email: osteo[at]inlign.com.

Inlign Osteopathy’s clinic is located in the Melbourne eastern suburb of Toorak (beside Malvern, Armadale and Prahran).

Our full contact details are:
59 Ross Street
Toorak Village Victoria 3142

Clinic Hours - Massage
Mon: 2pm to 9pm
Wed: 2pm to 9pm
Sat: 9am to 1pm

Cert IV Massage Therapy - Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy
Hot Stone Massage instructed by Sue Lee at Ili Ili Stones
Level 2 First Aid
Member of Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT)

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Relaxation, Therapeutic or Hot Stone Massage

May offers three different kinds of massage. These include: Relaxation Massage (30 or 60 minutes) Perfect to rejuvenate you back