Naturopathic Consultation

By: Veda Wellness  02-Jul-2015
Keywords: Lose Weight, Meditation, Personal Fitness

Consult with our qualified health practitioner to make your health aims a reality. At Veda Wellness, we believe no two bodies are the same, therefore, there are no one-size-fits-all health packages. Your practitioner will conduct a detailed consultation, then design a unique program just for you, to work with your health goals, improving wellbeing and increasing vitality. We are unique in that you do not need to be ill to benefit from this approach. The key to living well and long is prevention. Our approach is a health enhancement model not a sickness model. Our approach will progressively: Optimise mental ability and creativity Optimise emotional intelligence and rapport Optimise our body function Increase energy Feel healthier Enjoy positive moods Manage stress effectively Create strong digestion Boost immunity to prevent less colds and flus Balance weight Live more authentically Create sound, refreshing sleep General Health Maintenance and prevention Our approach will also treat Common conditions such as: Anxiety Asthma Normalise High Blood pressure Normalise High cholesterol Overcome Digestive issues such as IBS, constipation, indigestion To remove Allergies and intolerances (Allergy testing available) Alleviate Fatigue and chronic fatigue Alleviate Menopause discomfort Normalise Diabetes Avoid and provide relief from Arthritis To provide Cancer support

Keywords: Alternative Medicine, Ayurveda, Health Supplements, Lose Weight, Medicine, Meditation, Natural Therapy, Naturopath, Personal Fitness, Weight Management

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