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By: Veda Wellness  02-Jul-2015
Keywords: Personal Development, Life Coaching, Relaxation

Vedic Meditation - The Success Without Stress Program The Success Without Stress Program uses the Vedic Meditation technique which is easy to learn and easy to practice. It is taught in a systematic step by step way, and does not involve the adoption of any belief or philosophy for the technique to work. It is called Vedic Meditation because it comes from the ancient tradition of Vedic knowledge that has been preserved over centuries in India. The teachers of Vedic Meditation were trained by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the early 1970s and have been practicing, studying and teaching the technique over the past 35 years. Imagine being able to learn a life skill that allows you to gain more mental alertness, clearer thinking and less worry, in just four easy sessions. There are so many benefits from learning to meditate and practicing it in your daily routine. Benefits of Meditation The mind and the body are interconnected. During meditation, the mind effortlessly settles down and experiences quieter levels of thought, this shows up in a profound and dramatic way in the physical body – the metabolic rate drops, blood pressure decreases, and the breath slows. Many medical doctors and professionals have studied the therapeutic value of meditation in disease prevention and health promotion. (See the Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology.) The technique of Veda Meditation, enhances the body’s natural ability to heal, renew and restore energy by naturally releasing stress and neutralising the damaging effects of stress hormones. True healing and recovery from stress occurs when we rest sufficiently. The benefit of Vedic Meditation is that it enables the body to sink into a deep state of rest, while still remaining awake and alert. This is the perfect state to enable profound healing to occur and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised. It only takes 20 minutes, to gain levels of rest deeper than sleep. During sleep, our levels of our cortisol (The stress hormone) drops a little – this is why we wake feeling more refreshed and alert. But research shows that during meditation, cortisol drops by 30%. This is a significant reduction in this stress hormone which has extremely beneficial effects on health. Benefits reported are: - Inner calm - Clarity - focus - Peace - Inspiration - Happiness - More energy Learning to Meditate The Vedic Meditation technique is very simple and easy to learn. It is taught in just four sessions. During each session of practice the body gains a profound level of rest and deep relaxation, while the mind remains effortlessly alert. Through the individual and group sessions, you will build a deeper understanding of the mind from the perspective of ancient knowledge and modern science. Each session you will establish the correct practice and learn how and why the technique works effortlessly and experience its practical benefits in your daily life.

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