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Lessons & Autism from Spectrum Music Studio

By: Spectrum Music Studio  31-May-2016
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Melinda teaches students with autism (including Aspergers), ADHD, intellectual disability, speech disorders and auditory processing problems.

Understandably, all students are very different and require different teaching approaches and varying levels of support and resources.

Her students attend both mainstream and specialist schools.

Some of Melinda's students (with ASD) are diagnosed 'high function' who have good academic and speech skills, but struggle with elements of language and social skills.

Melinda also teaches students, whose parents' describe them as 'lower function/non-verbal', and they require additional learning resources, and communication aids.

Students have access to learning and behavioural resources, should they require them, such as PECS, visual schedules and finish flags.

Sometimes a written order of the lesson content can be useful for students to see, and timers can help to keep us on track.

Melinda is aware that some students might have light, sound and temperature sensitivities, and these are adjusted accordingly.

The studio is small, cosy and very comfortable, and is intentionally uncluttered, to minimise distraction.

For more information visit our website: http://www.spectrum-music-studio.com.au/
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