Magnaturals from Exotic Reptiles

By: Exotic Reptiles  26-May-2011
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MagNaturals are locked against terrarium glass with Mega Magnetic Power!

Jungle Vine Bridge - Create vine bridges across your terrarium for chameleons, geckos, frogs and other small herps. The Jungle Vine Bridge anchors on both sides of the terrarium with the MagNaturals Magnet Lock. You can use it in terrariums up to 86.36cm across creating the perfect walkway for you tree dwelling herp.

You can also use them in finch and canary cages for a tropical natural perch.

Size: 86.36cm Vine

Key Features

* Install or relocate in seconds.
* NO glue or velcro.
* 100% non-toxic materials.
* Magnetic force guaranteed for life.
* Easy to clean.
* Maximize terrarium space.
* Create exciting terrariums with multiple units... then recreate them at will!

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