20 Reasons to use LED lighting products

20 Reasons to use LED lighting products from Eco Light

By: Eco Light  06-Oct-2013
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Why LED Lighting 20 Reasons To Use LED Light Bulbs No EMI - electromagnetic interference No mercury - a chemical, which can cause severe braindamage and growth defects in adults and children Solid - harder to break Dont flicker - flickering might give you headache Instant on - and reach full brightness Quality of light - more warm white :: no more cool white Silent - no buzz :: no hum Dimmable - you are in control of your light Color range - suitable for the mood of yiur room Highly directional - can be configured for multiple purposes Energy-efficient - up to 90% more efficient Last longer - up to 5000 times the life of old globes Reduce electric bill - wouldnt it be nice? Save on maintenance - great on hard to reach places Good for the planet - looking after our future Cool to touch - dont burn yourself when you turn your lamp off - not a good idea to test Less heat - bonus: lower power bill No fire hazard - 200 degree lower operating temperature than halogen globes Work hard - and pay for themselves Great in severe conditions

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