Pre-Purchase building Reports

By: Northern House Inspections  22-Feb-2015
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BUYING IN THE NORTHERN SUBURBS OF MELBOURNE? Northern House Inspections will help to make your dream a reality and not a nightmare! It’s not a very well-known fact that homes sellers can deliberately concealed minor and major defects in order to sell their properties. It is far too late to go back and tackle the vendor about such defects, once the contract has been signed and the payment made. You need Northern House Inspections not only to identify these issues, but provide you with a recommendation along with a detailed specification for the repairs required, and potential costs involved. Did you Know?? Insurance companies do not provide cover for pre-existing Pest and Termite infestation. The problem is that from the outside, timber can look solid and complete whilst all the time, termites may have permeated the timber thus making it hollow inside. What we Offer to you... Independent Inspectors: We work for YOU alone! We have no relations with any other business. You get a completely independent and unbiased assessment as to the condition of any property before you buy it! Experienced Inspectors: Our Inspectors have a minimum of 20 years in the building industry. Our Building Inspections are probably the most reliable when buying a home in the Northern suburbs! Full Insurance: For your protection, we carry full Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability. This couple with our extensive experienced assures you receive unsurpassed protection . Where we Inspect and What we Report on.. Under the House:- Footings and foundations: Sub floor stumps, bearers or joists: Borers and fungal decay: Rising damp and mould: Inside the House:- Walls, flooring and ceiling: Doors and windows: Bathroom and Laundry leaks: Above the House:- Roof cavity: Roof frame, structural integrity and cracked tiles: Plumbing leaks: Insulation: Around the House:- External cladding: Site drainage: Guttering and down pipes: Doors and windows: Site layout: Boundary fencing: Paths, driveways and paving: Site security:

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Pre-Purchase building reports

Northern House Inspections will help to make your dream a reality and not a nightmare! Use our local knowledge to ensure your new home is a sound purchase! We carry out all Building and Termite Inspections within Melbournes' Northern suburbs. From Whittlesea, Yarra Glen, Burwood, Taylors Lake and everywhere in between.