Wellness Classes - Vinyasa yoga and Qi Gong Meditation

By: Healthy Energy  04-Mar-2015
Keywords: Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Classes

Slow Vinyasa yoga Restorative, passive, gentle, slow pace and relaxation yoga. It involves holding poses in longer period of time. Usually seated, kneeling, lying or occasionally standing. Slow Vinyasa yoga doesn’t generate heat like power yoga will. Useful for eliminating fatigue, stress, depression and anxiety. It’s a great form of yoga to counteract the busy 21st century lifestyle. Power yoga This style of yoga involves more dynamic poses with co-ordinations and breathing to get you from pose to pose. It is a vigorous fitness based yoga that generates heat, body strength building and energetic flow style with different poses and sequences each class. While it is beneficial to have a basic level of fitness to participate, you don’t need to be flexible. Suitable for people who enjoy exercising and also incorporating some meditation. Qi Gong: meditation with movement & stillness Man practicing Tai ChiQi Gong is essentially a term used to describe any practices that are designed to cultivate the ‘three treasures’: vitality, energy, and spirit. In ancient Daoist forms of Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong usually involved slow, rhythmic movements (such as in Tai Ji Chuan) that incorporate breath-work and mindfulness, or they could involve keeping the body still whilst moving energy internally (also referred to as Nei Gong). By combining breathing, muscle movements, stretches and postures, you are then able to bring the whole complex of the self into harmony, allowing the Qi to flow freely through the channel network, and nurture the internal organ systems. When your respiration and physiology function harmoniously, your emotional state becomes balanced, and your mind is able to attend to tasks with clarity and purpose, thus increasing personal performance. Casual class $20, 10 class pass $180 or $60 for 2 weeks, unlimited. Your first class FREE! Book now, call 1300 318 817 or email [email protected] today.

Keywords: Meditation, Qi Gong, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga, Yoga Classes

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