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By: The Water People  09-Dec-2011
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This purifier removes a high percentage of dissolved inorganics, pesticides, heavy metals, chlorine and fluoride. When consumed this water helps to expedite the process of eradicating the harmful agents roaming through your body.Years of engineering, field testing and continued design refinement combines to make the Aquakleen® Countertop Reverse Osmosis 4 stage the best in its class.Four Stage Protection For Your SafetyStage 1- Sediment prefilter for mechanical filtration
Protects and extends the life of the membrane.
Removes sediment particles – grit, dust, rust, mud, algae etc.
5 Micron superfine polypropylene cartridgeStage 2 - Carbon Prefilter for Membrane Protection
A special high-grade carbon cartridge prefilter is added to protect the TFC membrane from chlorine degradation.Stage 3 - Ultrafine Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Screens out the most minute microparticles
Pore size less than .0005 micron (1 micron = one thousand of a millimeter) effectively repels: heavy metal complexes including aluminum, lead, mercury etc; micro organisms; colloidal matter. Virtually eliminates mineral ions including fluorides and sodium. Membrane has remarkable affinity for oxygen producing sparkling oxygenated water.Stage 4 - Carbon Polishing Post Filter
Provides final polish and superb tasting water
Acts as a final check against any organic impurities.Cartridge Replacement
Sediment Prefilter 6 months
Carbon Prefilter 12 months
TFC Reverse Osmosis Membrane 3 – 5 years
Carbon Postfilter 24 monthsA Truly Superior System
  • Five year warranty (if recommended servicing is carried out)
  • Advanced technology design and construction
  • Membrane factory sanitised using the latest technology – your guarantee
  • Exclusive TRF filter with all units
  • Dependable quality fittings ensure longer life and durability

Keywords: Carbon Polishing, Countertop Reverse Osmosis, Reverse Osmosis, Water Cooler, Water Filter,

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Sediment Prefilter Carbon Prefilter Ultrafine RO MembraneCarbon Polishing Post Filter. Bayonet" design makes cartridge and membrane replacement easy. Water purifier provides the ultimate in water quality.


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All installation work in Victoria is carried out by one of our licensed plumbers who have been fully trained in the correct installation of these units and conforms to industry standards. Mr Kevin Pendlebury is a fully qualified Master Plumber with many years’ experience in a wide range of water treatment systems. The filtration systems are guaranteed for 5 years, provided they are serviced as per recommended schedule.