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By: Australia's Reflexology Specialist - Emma Gierschick  18-Oct-2010
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Somatic Reflex Therapy is a whole system analysis that interprets some of the subtle messages being conveyed by the body.

Whether they are clients, friends, family members or colleagues, Somatic Reflex Therapy offers unique insight into the hidden health and mannerisms of all.  Learn how to read and interpret marks and lines on the feet, hands, and face.  Could they have possible fertility issues, digestive conditions or even a murderer’s thumb?

What does the footwear tell you and the manner in which a person walks? Discover where tension is being stored in the body, and learn what the possible underlying cause could be. Identify possible health conditions with subtle visible signs and how life is being experienced on a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level.

Somatic Reflex Therapy is a complete body of work that has been developed over many years, based on the teachings of Reflexology, TCM, Homeopathic and Naturopathic principles. It is also developed from ancient folk and tribal wisdom, direct channelling and experience drawn from many years of private practise.


The information shared in Somatic Reflex Therapy is an ideal precursor for anyone working with others, whether it is as a health professional, counsellor, teacher or negotiator.

Together it forms a very comprehensive overview of the map of the human body.

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