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Metamorphosis treatments from Australia's Reflexology Specialist - Emma Gierschick

By: Australia's Reflexology Specialist - Emma Gierschick  18-Oct-2010
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Metamorphosis is essentially a self-healing art. It is more about ‘undoing’ or releasing what is already in existence rather than creating something new.

The term metamorphosis implies a complete change or transformation. Once the changes have occurred, life is no longer the same as before - it is usually much better and easier. The changes or transformations that take place are internal. It is your own innate intelligence that is effecting the changes, deciding what can be released and the manner and timeframe this will occur.

Energy is never directed towards a specific outcome. During a session the spine reflex of the feet will be worked on, and you may experience heat, cold, a buzzing, tingling, a magnetic pull, a floating sensation, and a wave of emotion, something totally different or possibly feel nothing at all.

Regardless of what is experienced, within a couple of days, significant energy shifts will take place, and it is not unusual to suddenly become aware of a behavior pattern and immediately change it e.g. no longer feeling the need or desire to smoke. Physical changes have also been known to take place with facial features or other parts of the body changing.

Quite often, you won’t be aware of what has been released you will only know that there has been an energy shift, and that you feel different, lighter or free er and less stressed.  There is no need to re live or re-experience an event in order for it to be released. While it can sometimes be a little cathartic for some people, the changes don’t have to be traumatic. A healing crisis is usually nothing more than a resistance to change.

Metamorphosis is ideal to assist you during any period of transition, whether it is birth, death, marriage, divorce, changing jobs or schools, moving house or looking to make positive changes in your attitude or behavior, or to empower yourself.

It can also be helpful if you experience any of the following:

high stress levels, physical disorders or illnesses, accidents or injuries, irrational fears, self sabotaging patterns, anger issues, difficulty in taking the next step, problems standing up for yourself, lack of direction, poor self esteem / image problems, mental / emotional imbalances, compulsive or addictive behavior, ADHD & hyperactivity, autism or down’s syndrome, and many other situations

Metamorphosis appears to deal with issues and health concerns on a far deeper level than any other modality I am aware of. Many clients have undergone a dramatic healing after experiencing a metamorphosis session.

 If you are particularly sensitive to metamorphosis, you may find changes begin to occur once the decision has been made to experience a session, before you even book an appointment and in some cases, merely reading about the work can start the ball rolling.

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