By: THE LIVING YEARS  06-Jan-2011
Keywords: Book, History, Families


Genevieve Stout author of The Living Years has become passionate about the importance of documenting family information.  Her research amongst family, friends and contacts uncovered how very little information we really have on those closest to us. She discovered for those who have lost close family members it was a lack of not knowing simple information, about favourite colours or best movies that remained the unanswered questions.

Genevieve believes everybody should be encouraged to document basic information about themselves. Without this information families are losing valuable knowledge, experience, wisdom and advice.

The benefits of documenting information eases the burden of coping with loss, opens up the lines of communication within families and the documented information is a cherished family heirloom that puts you in a time and a place for future generations to reflect on their family history.

Keywords: Account, Book, Document, Experiences, Families, History, Knowledge, Personal Journey, Record, Story, Thoughts