By: THE LIVING YEARS  09-Jun-2012
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Many of us are guilty of not finding the words to express our thoughts of love and appreciation for our parents and grandparents.

There is no age barrier. “And Me” is a series of books designed for anyone who shares a special relationship with parents and grandparents, to express their love and appreciation.

‘And me’ books, capture special moments we have shared with the most important people in our lives, making each book a lasting memory and a precious keepsake gift forever.

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The Living Years

A book that will be your eternal finger print, but unlike a finger print that ceases when you do, this finger print goes on and on and on. Information about you is your eternal finger print.



  There are many reasons as to why documenting this type of information is important.   Most notably, in our lifetime we travel an information highway and too many times information from our experiences is not communicated or documented and sometimes the importance and significance of an event may even be lost, misunderstood or even insignificant in our living years. For those of us that have lost a loved one, what seemed like insignificant information becomes significant, and that