By: Yvette Black Psychic Consultant  29-Jan-2016
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Testimonies Review by Sophie Lee , 25 March, 2015 5 "I had been to a few psychics in my time but none as amazing and as accurate as Yvette Black. My friend and I decided it would be fun to go together and had heard positive things about Yvette so we made our way up the hill to find out for ourselves. The second we met her I felt completely at ease with her welcoming spirit and positive demeanour, her smile lit up the room and any nervousness I originally felt seemed to slip away. I liked that Yvette conducts her readings in the privacy of her own home which again put me at ease. Yvette explained how she was going to conduct the reading and was very clear in what she was doing allowing my friend and I to both be present for each others reading. I was afraid she would see and voice potential bad things that may occur in my life but she has a beautiful way of explaining things and still managed to put a positive spin on her findings. Yvette was spot on with our pasts and present which was highly impressive to us both. One of the things Yvette told my friend is that she would be getting a new car to which she adamantly challenged that was not the case and that there was no way her and her family could afford a new car at the time nor did she particularly need a new one. About 2 weeks later my friend rang me and told me someone had driven into her and totalled her car, she was then given a new one by one of her brothers who no longer needed it. This stuck in my mind as sometimes we listen to the reading and can interpret the information the wrong way. Things have continued to occur in both our lives the way Yvette had outlined which still freaks us both out but we have a good laugh about it. I highly recommend going to visit Yvette, its almost like a counselling session with her insight and sexy voice and I guarantee you will enjoy it. Thanks Yvette, you were incredible and I look forward to all your insights continuing to present themselves, I will come again." Review by Maxine Trezise , 7 January, 2015 5 "I have been consulting Yvette for 36 years now. She would have to be the most accurate and insightful psychic I have ever seen. Whenever I have needed guidance and clarification in my life Yvette has provided it in a loving non-judgemental manner. She has so accurately predicted events in my life, I have no hesitation in recommending her. Yvette is truly an amazing and gifted reader." Review by Sue Stewart , 25 August, 2013 4 "I have not seen Yvette for 30 years. My recent visit to Yvette Black found her to be no different than my first meeting charming, inviting and allowing me to relax. Yvettes perceptions of my past and present life were very accurate with good guidance for the future. Yvettes attention to detail allowed her to zone in on the most relevant detail. Thank you Yvette." Review by Kerryn Slater , 14 July, 2013 5 "Arriving to my psychic reading, I instantly felt a warm connection to Yvette. It was refreshing to meet someone who clearly lives her truth. Her reading was very accurate and I loved her direct and honest approach. Highly recommend Yvette for a reading." Review by Sue Angel , 31 January, 2013 5 "Yvette is a non judging and accurate reader. I have had many readings from her over the years and she is so honest, presenting clear guidance, with the heart of a loving grandmother. I am very grateful for Yvette's gift and in turn, her words to me."

Keywords: Psychic Reading, Psychic Readings, Psychics, Tarot Card Readers

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