By: V-Train International  08-Dec-2015
Keywords: Personal Development, Stress, Life Coaching

JUMPSTART YOUR LIFE NOW! In life, we can go flat! We start out energetic and full of life and then something happens. Many of us, for many varied reasons can experience a lack of motivation, purpose, energy, meaningful relationships or careers that excite us. In extreme cases some people feel depressed, angry and not wanting to go on. All these emotions are very real at the time and a session with a qualified and experienced life coach can help someone access a new way of thinking, feeling and seeing their life and possibilities. A coaching session can consist of lots of purposefully asked questions to create new neuro pathways for new answers to be found. Interventions during the sessions can include but not limited to: Time-Line Therapy, Parts Integration, Anxiety and Performance Release Therapy and Hypnotherapy. What is stopping you from having a better life? Who is stopping you from saying yes to it? "When you were born - you were whole, complete with nothing missing and nothing broken. I believe you still are!" - Veronica Lees-Amato JUMPSTART LIFE COACHING SESSION - BOOK NOW! 1.5 hours with experienced and qualified life coach Veronica Lees-Amato to identify your problem and what is standing the way of you moving forward in your life. This session can be done via Skype or face to face. There is no obligation for ongoing sessions however Veronica guarantees to work with you in the first session to gain clarity over what is holding you back and what is needed to change your life rapidly. $150 for new clients, normally $200

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