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By: Lightly Centered Holistic Counselling  06-Jan-2011
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Holistic counselling deals with root causes as well as symptoms. The processes work with mind, body & spirit/soul, accessing both conscious & unconscious realms, bringing awareness to a deeper sense of self, and offering an opportunity to heal & thrive. Having a nurturing space to sit with, listen & bear witness to all aspects of self can lead to awakening, empowerment & growth, freeing us to find meaning, inspiration, purpose & a deeper connection with the self while unearthing unlimited potentials.

Creative processes may include:

• Focussing – ‘the body knows…’; access, utilize & trust the body’s innate wisdom & capacity to process & heal itself through inwards focusing & exploring what’s there in order to become more free, authentic, resolved & present.
• Art Therapy – induce inner transformation utilising a variety of guided creative processes including mandalas; drawing with charcoal/pastel/chalk/etc ; & more, to communicate information stored in the subconscious realms or as an alternative expression for that which cannot be put into words.
• Sand Tray Therapy – translate personal experience into 3D & build connections between inner & outer worlds. Create landscapes in sand in which symbols can be arranged & emotional issues can be projected in a non-confrontational way. A profound form of expression, release, understanding, & perspective, ultimately leading to release, acceptance & resolution.
• Dreamwork – Ever wondered what your dreams mean? Explore the hidden symbolic language of the unconscious, illuminate suppressed or shadow material in order to know yourself more deeply, re-connect with forgotten or neglected parts & move towards self actualization.
• Writing – express through powerful written exercises like dream or day journalling, rewriting your story or a range of other supportive processes to help let go of anything holding you back & move towards happiness, inspiration & wholeness.
• Inner Child: Re-connect with playful, impulsive, creative, innocent parts of the self that are often neglected & may be calling for some nurturing, healing & empowering. Reclaiming this part can be profound , exhilarating & life affirming.
• Creative Visualisation/Active Imagination – withdraw from the stresses of daily life & embark on a journey towards inner peace. Create an enlightening dialogue between different/conflicted parts of the self to find clarity, resolve & wholeness.

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 Rather than simply treating symptoms, Holistic Counselling works with the client as a complex whole person (mind, body & spirit/soul), using a transpersonal person-centered approach, honouring the intrinsic wisdom, resources and creativity of the client.


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Every human being searches for acceptance, fulfilment & happiness. Holistic counselling deals with root causes rather than just symptoms, & works with mind, body & spirit/soul, bringing awareness to the deeper self, and offering the opportunity to heal & thrive. Unlock your strengths, purpose, creativity, confidence and rekindle your passion for life.