Grip Guard anti-slip floor safety treatment

By: Grip Guard Pty Ltd  17-Mar-2011
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Grip Guard non-slip treatment is a remarkable floor treatment that microscopically modifies the floor surface. The modification dramatically increases the grip for bare feet, shoes, and all kinds of pneumatic and solid wheel tyres.


Grip Guard causes no visible change to floor surfaces.  It is invisible to the naked eye yet dramatically increases the slip resistance of the floor creating a safe floor surface for pedestrians and vehicles. The treatment permanently modifies the floor surface – it is not a coating and therefore will not wear off.


Grip Guard operators test all floor surfaces to measure their slip resistance

Grip Guard operators measure the coefficient of friction (CoF) of all floor surfaces prior to and after treatment to ensure that all safety standards are met. An asM slip meter measures the slip resistance and results are documented and included on our warranty.


Grip Guard treatments won’t disrupt normal business practices

Grip Guard treatment can usually be carried out during business hours with little or no disruption to normal business procedures. Work can also be arranged outside of business hours. the floor surface is safe to walk on immediately after treatment is completed.


Grip Guard requires no special maintenance

Unlike surface coating and mats which require regular maintenance and can quickly look unsightly, Grip Guard requires no special maintenance. Treated floors can be cleaned as per normal.


Grip Guard operators are fully trained floor safety experts

Grip Guard operators undergo comprehensive floor safety training programs and are qualified to provide experienced floor safety advice and treatments.


Grip Guard Warranty of Slip Resistance

Grip Guard provides clients with a warranty that documents the slip resistance of the floor surface both prior to and following Grip Guard treatment. The warranty also specifies the area(s) treated as well as methods undertaken. The Grip Guard warranty enables property owners to document that floor safety issues have been addressed.

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