BluApple from Biofarm Artel

By: Biofarm Artel  06-Sep-2012
Keywords: Fruit & Vegetables, Fresh Fruit, Fruit and Vegetables

The patented BluApple uses the same ethylene gas absorption technology growers and shippers have used for decades to keep fruits and vegetables fresh between the farm and the market. Now you can use it at home! you and your family will enjoy fresher, better tasting and more nutritious fruits and vegetables.BluApple is superior to containers or plastic bags that cannot comprehensive protection, and unlike other products. Bluapple is refillable. Snap open BluApple refill packet, snap back together. Old packets are environmentally friendly and may be opened and safely added to your house plants.It couldn't be easier. Just place BluApple in your refrigerator crisper or countertop fruit bowl, wherever you keep your fruits and vegetables

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