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By: Spectrum Tuition  25-Feb-2016
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We all know from our time at school that mathematics is layered. You learn about numbers, then you learn about place value, then you learn to add… with each skill building on the previous knowledge learnt. At its core, this is what makes mathematics easy to learn. However, this is also the reason correcting issues down the track is so difficult.

If any of the basic skills are missing in a student’s mathematics foundation their overall knowledge base will be shaky. The further their issues progresses without correction, the more fundamentally unstable their mathematics skills are. It’s usually these students who end up disliking mathematics and in many cases have a life long phobia of numbers.

It doesn't have to be this way. Mathematics can be rewarding. Being able to get the correct answer to a long and challenging sum can be one of the best experiences a student can have at school.

All of courses have been designed to give students the confidence they need to succeed in mastering the basics and moving on the more challenging areas of mathematics. Here are 5 reasons our mathematics classes will help your child build confidence and improve their chance of success at school.

1. Our Classes Are Carefully Structured And Tutors Break Concepts Down Into Step By Step Manageable Chunks.
2. Our Emphasis Is On Results
3. Our Tutors Take Part In Continuous Training & Development
4. Our Tutors Are Proactive And Monitor Your Results
5. We Don’t Rest Until You Are Satisfied

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