Craniosacral Therapy

By: Melbourne Craniosacral Therapy  15-Jun-2012
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Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, yet highly effective form of bodywork that originally developed out of osteopathic medicine in the USA over 100 years ago and is now practiced by craniosacral therapists and cranial osteopaths around the world. Craniosacral treatments typically last for 30-45 minutes. Clients lay fully clothed on a massage table while the craniosacral therapist uses a light touch, usually at the feet, head, or sacrum. The treatment may also include work with other areas of the body such as the joints, respiratory diaphragm or face. Clients usually achieve a deep relaxation during and after the sessions and often experience improved sleep and energy levels after being treated. Craniosacral therapy works on many levels - muscle tension eases, spine and joint alignment improves, the nervous system, immune system and endocrine systems self-regulate - they settle down if they have been overactive, or awaken if they have been dormant. Digestion and elimination functions are improved by encouraging increased movement and blood flow to the abdominal organs. Craniosacral therapy is particularly well suited for meeting physical and emotional stress and trauma that is stored in the body. The therapist creates a safe place for recovery to begin during the session, and setting in motion a journey of recovery that can occur over a course of treatments and continue unfolding between sessions. Craniosacral therapists develop highly attuned sensory skills through their hands and the nerves and other sensory receptors in their bodies. Experienced practitioners can sense physical restrictions in muscles, joints and other tissues, the quality of blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid circulation, and activation within the nervous system.

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