Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

By: 20-80 Solutions  05-Jun-2014
Keywords: Seo, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine

Search engines have become a big part of our everyday lives now. It didn't seem that long ago when we rely on offline sources such as yellow pages to find local businesses, but now everything seems to be all online. It’s commonly accepted now that if your business can’t be found online then your business doesn't exist. One of the most important thing to know about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is that it is very much based on common sense and persistent hard work. It’s unfortunate many SEO companies explain it like a magic pill that will give instant results. For example, guaranteeing 20 keywords in the first page of Google search within one month or they do it for free until that is achieved. The problem with that is those keywords might not necessary bring in relevant traffic that is beneficial to your business. Or worse, they might use black-hat tricks to get short-term results which the search engines will eventually clampdown with heavy penalties. The truth is it takes real work to conceptualize a proper strategy, publish meaningful content, build up relevant links and establish strong online authority for your website in a never ending and evolving process (kinda like losing weight and keeping your body healthy). It’s important to find a SEO provider that understands and can help your business achieve its goals.

Keywords: Search Engine, Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Optimization, Seo, White Hat Seo

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