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By: Natural Healing Centre - Ferny Creek  05-Aug-2011
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  • Dear Nerida...I am so grateful for your caring attention, because in a matter of weeks my asthma has abated and I no longer need to use Ventolin, whereas before I carried it with me everywhere.
    - Mrs Ruth Rigby
  • I have never been so heathy in my adult life. Since first meeting you, only 3 months ago I feel like a different person, we cannot thank you enough for your help ...we will see you next year to prepare for parenthood!
    - Maxine & Clay
  • I can happily recommend the Gallstone Recipe...the treatment worked very quickly, within 2.5 days the cleansing began; the result amazing. I immediately felt better in health.
    - Muriel E
  • Thanks to the care you gave my son Layden, his blocked tear duct started to clear up within 2 or 3 visits... his chronic ear infections no longer returned and the risk of becoming an asthmatic has been squashed. He is now 4 years old and a very strong, bright and happy boy who is able to fight illness without any antibiotics.

    Thank you for treating me. From an absolutely exhausted mother who was constantly run down, sick and physically burnt out, I now have fullness of life. You restored my body so that I was able to fall pregnant with my second child within a very short time and by doing so I have never experienced such a blissfully happy and enjoyable pain free pregnancy.

    Above all let me thank you for treating my little daughter. Mikayla attained full recovery within 3.5 months. When you first saw her at 7 months she was immobile, and unable to sit, roll, stand or place any body weight on her legs...

    Thank you for the power of natural medicine and your accuracy. My family's health is a direct result of your philosophy "Excellence in Health". A healthy family means a happy family. I definitely have that.
    - The Meilak Family
  • I have been seeing you for approximately 15 months now, and I would like to let you know just how much my health has improved in that time...
    - Lisa Copping
  • Thank you very much for your great help. I no longer have hay fever and I can now eat and drink what I like without indigestion or feeling drained and tired.
    - Ronnie Van Galen
  • Ten days ago I couldn't eat, I couldn't drink water and I was extremely dehydrated. I felt so ill I was unable to work and became very weak... Maria has treated me 4 times and I feel like a new person. In two weeks time I am going to New York and without her help there was a chance I would not be able to go and I would have missed my best friend's wedding. You have made me feel like a new woman.
    - Sarah
  • The treatments have been quite miraculous for me and have restored my health. I was skeptical before my last treatment but now I feel I have been given a life back and I am very grateful for this.
    - A Burns

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