By: Eureka UMAT  23-Jun-2011
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The following are some testimonials from students who have used the Eureka program:

"Thanks for creating Eureka! The program is great - there are endless questions to practice on, the program is easy to use and after sitting the UMAT this year, I can say that they simulate the real thing very closely. When I was in year 11 (last year), I did the MedEntry UMAT course which I found to be excellent - Eureka is no different. I would recommend Eureka as well as MedEntry to anyone sitting the UMAT. "

"I practiced on Eureka for months and every time I used it there were always unique patterns and sequences to do. It was an absolute godsend for section 3 of the UMAT - the questions were very similar to what was in the real UMAT."

"I sat the UMAT last year and my section 3 percentile was 42. I really struggled with the patterns and sequences questions. After practicing for god-knows how many hours this year on the Eureka program, I went into the UMAT confident and my score improved to 97! Thanks MedEntry"

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