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By: Nemesis Martial Arts  28-Jul-2013
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Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes Muay Thai is a martial art focused on stand up striking techniques also referred to as the science of 8 limbs because it combines punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes. Our classes place a strong emphasis on technique, personal development, and self defence. We teach the traditional art of Muay Thai which was developed through years of competition and training at some of the top gyms in Australia and Thailand. Our head Muay Thai coach is Phillip Lai, who has had numerous professional bouts across Australia and Internationally. He has had many years of coaching experience and prides himself on passing his knowledge and skills onto his students. Nemesis Muay Thai offers a singlet based grading system where members are given the opportunity to grade to higher ranks and one day progress to a black singlet. Classes start with a warm up which includes skipping, and footwork drills. Students will then be partnered according to skill level and shown techniques and the biomechanics to perform them correctly. We encourage constant learning through promoting a safe and controlled training environment. Our traditional Muay Thai classes utilise strikes from punches, kicks, knees, and elbows. Classes are taught by former professional Muay Thai fighter and kickboxing blackbelt Phillip Lai. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes BJJ Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is an EFFECTIVE, FUN & Easy to Learn martial art focused on grappling & ground fighting. It was developed by the Gracie family in Brazil by blending Judo with other forms of self defence. BJJ is an ideal martial art because it teaches a smaller person to use leverage and proper technique to gain an advantage over a larger opponent. At Nemesis Martial Arts we run BJJ classes focusing on both GI (using the BJJ uniform) & No-Gi (without BJJ Uniform). No-Gi classes primarily focus on techniques suitable for submission grappling or mixed martial arts competition (such as the UFC). Our head instructor Denis Kelly is and experienced MMA Fighter & BJJ Competitor and was awarded his Black Belt in BJJ by Carlson Gracie Jr., one of the leading members of the Gracie family and a pioneer of the sport. Similar to other traditional Martial arts, BJJ follows a belt grading system. Students start off as white belts in the Fundamental Classes learning the monthly curriculum. At Team Nemesis we have 4 stages of white belt that a student progresses through, when you progress to the next stage you are given a stripe on your white belt. Grading’s or Belt tests are held every eight weeks. Students are informed by the instructor when they are ready for their next grading. It typically takes between 1 ½ & 2 years to progress from white belt to blue belt. After Blue belt the next belts are Purple Belt, Brown Belt & finally Black Belt

Keywords: Boxing, Fitness, Karate, Kick Boxing, Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Self Defence

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