Watermatic Water Filtration System Provides Pure Drinking Water

By: Watermatic Pty Ltd  27-Sep-2013
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Watermatic Pty Ltd. is an Australia based ceramic water system manufacturer that offers WATERMATIC water purifier.

Watermatic Pty Ltd. is an Australia based company which offers Watermatic water purifiers online. With WATERMATIC purifiers, you get drinking water as pure as bottled spring water at a cost less than 2 cents a litre, per year. It is a strong and hard wearing ceramic water purifier, which is made from stoneware clay and fired to 1280 degrees. Since, the entire unit is made from stoneware clay with choice of Chromed Plastic or Stainless Steel Taps, the purifier is sure to last you a lifetime.

The WATERMATIC water filtration system provides you pure drinking water that will protect you from bacteria and eliminates 95% of Chlorine – which, in high doses, has been linked to asthma, eczema, bladder cancer and heart disease. The WATERMATIC also kills E coli bacteria that can give you serious food poisoning.

WATERMATIC is made by an award-winning Australian ceramic artist. WATERMATIC purifiers are easy to install, move or transport, and does not require plumbing and electricity to function. You just simply need to place water filtration unit on a flat surface, then fill it with water and after that their water filtration unit will start filtering water so that you will get purified water that is good for your health. For more details on WATERMATIC, you can visit their website - http://www.watermatic.net.au/.

About the company:

Watermatic Pty Ltd. manufactures water purifiers and water filters. WATERMATIC, water purifiers are handcrafted by Alex Simmons and this ceramic water purifier is made from stoneware clay and fired to 1280 degrees and will last a lifetime. Watermatic Water Purifiers provide bottled quality drinking water, free from nasty contaminants, in your own home or office.

Keywords: Pure Water Systems, Water Filters

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