Watermatic Pty Ltd. Is Offering Watermatic Water Purifiers In A Modern Design

By: Watermatic Pty Ltd  19-Aug-2013
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Watermatic Pty Ltd. is an Australia based pure water systems manufacturer and offers Watermatic water purifiers in many colours and design features.

Watermatic water purifiers are gravity powered water filtration and purification system that is designed to give you clear, clean and natural drinking water all year round. It filters out potentially harmful bugs and chemicals out of the drinking water making the water beautifully clean for drinking. The filtered water that you will get from Watermatic has been cleared out of chlorine, E coll, salmonella, blue green algae, cryptosporidium, giardia and other harmful impurities that are responsible for health ailments like asthma, eczema, bladder cancer, heart diseases, typhoid fever and diarrhea. Doctors recommend that the drinking water that we drink must be free from harmful and toxic substances as it directly affects our health system. Watermatic provides quality drinking water, as pure as bottled drinking water at a cost less than just 2 cents per litre.

Watermatic is not only highly functional, but also has a modern design. The Watermatic is availble in many colors and design options. They are designed by the award winning ceramic artist Alex Simmons, who has more than 30 years of experience in working with ceramics. Only 500 Watermatics are created by him per year, so that the quality of the product is not compromised. Every piece made by Alex is unique, and no two pieces are identical. Watermatic is available in two forms, classic and retro. The classic design features a modern finish with clean, precise lines and is available in, satin natural or satin black, with gloss contrasting lid and base. The retro design is available in modern gloss colours with soft industrial lines, the colours available are gloss aqua, gloss black, gloss lime, gloss golden ochre and gloss natural. Watermatic is not only a very effective water purification system but is also designed elegantly to suit interiors that are country to contemporary.

The considered design specifications make the Watermatic stand out from other water purifiers. It is easy to use while offering high quailty results. It is very easy to install and requires no plumbing or tools for installation. It can be easily placed wherever you want and also simple to move if you relocate. Watermatic does not require electricity for its working and is an affordable source of pure drinking water.

About the company:

Watermatic Pty Ltd. manufactures water purifiers and water filters. Their Watermatic water purifiers are handcrafted by Alex Simmons and this ceramic water purifier is made from stoneware clay and fired to 1280 degrees and will last a lifetime. Watermatic Water Purifiers provide bottled quality drinking water, free from nasty contaminants, in your own home or office.

Keywords: Ceramic Water Filter Water Filter Cartridges, Filtered Water, Pure Water Systems,

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Watermatic Water Filtration System Provides Pure Drinking Water

Watermatic Pty Ltd. is an Australia based ceramic water system manufacturer that offers WATERMATIC water purifier. Watermatic Pty Ltd. is