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By: 6 Star Energy Rating  03-May-2011
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When will 6 Star Energy Rating be introduced?

6 star for new homes, additions and alterations will be effective in Victoria as of 1 May 2011. If your design began prior to May 1 2011, the building surveyor can lodge a dispensation to allow compliance with the old 5 Star Standard.

What building work is subject to 6 Star?

All new homes, apartments, renovations and additions (class 1, 2, 4 & 10a).  Some simple work that does not require a building permit will not need a .  

What is required?

A report prepared by an Accredited Assessor is required showing the design achieves a 6 star .  New homes also require the installation of a solar hot water system or rainwater tank for toilet flushing.   

What does the higher rating mean?

For home owners it means a house that is more naturally comfortable for longer periods of the year. It may also mean lower utility bills, a reduction in greenhouse emissions, and better resale values.  

What design changes will be required?

A 6 star energy rating can be achieved a variety of ways.  Most likely increased insulation to roof, walls and suspended floors will be required. Improved glazing may not be necessary if other elements are good – e.g. Orientation, insulation, and appropriate shading – however, many homes will require double glazing.  

Will it cost more to build?

Given the building has good design and orientation for its specific location, increased costs to reach 6 stars should be minimal.  In any case, it makes good financial sense to seek the right advice from a reputable Accredited Assessor to ensure costs are kept to a minimum.   

If renovating or extending, will you need to bring the entire home up to 6 Star?

If you're doing an alteration or extension, and its volume is 50 per cent or more of the existing home, the whole house needs to be brought up to 6 stars. 

Where can you find further information?

If you have any further questions about please call Green Rate on (03) 9350 6802 or visit www.greenrate.com.au.

About Green Rate

Green Rate is one of Melbourne's most experienced and trusted house energy rating firms.  We offer a reliable and efficient House Energy Rating service for builders, designers and home owners throughout Victoria.  Years of experience has taught us how to achieve higher star ratings for new designs with minimal impact on building and construction costs. 

For advice on energy rating and 6 star compliance, or for a competitive quote contact Green Rate on (03) 9350 6802 or visit www.greenrate.com.au.

Keywords: 6 Star Energy Rating, Energy Rating, Energy Ratings, House Energy Rating