Ultrasonic Cleaners

By: Siltex  09-Dec-2011
Keywords: Ultrasonic Cleaners, Reliable Cleaning, Control Timer

Soniclean is one of the world's leading manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaners with over two decades of experience in the ultrasonic industry.

Sizes range from 1.6 litres to 80 litres baths. These units come with a built in touch control timer enabling `set-and-forget' operation, they are compact and sealed against harsh external environments.

Soniclean benchtop cleaners are ideal for dentists, doctors, hospitals, jewellers, tattooist, body-pierces, laboratory users, podiatrists, veterinarians. and other medical professions where reliable cleaning of delicate instruments is required.

Soniclean Model Bath size L x W x D(mm) Footprint L x W x H(mm) Bath capacity (litre) Pulse Swept Power Heating (peak) Weight approx.(kg)
80T 235x138x65 270x160x125 1.6 litre 60W - 1.5 kg
120T 153x138x100 190x175x165 2.0 litre 60W - 1.5 kg
160HT, 160T 235x138x100 270x160x160 3.0 litre 70W 100W 3.0 kg
250HT, 250T 295x150x150 333x185x220 6.0 litre 120W 200W 3.5 kg
500HT, 500T 298x235x150 333x275x220 10.0 litre 130W 200W 4.0 kg
750HT, 750T 259x235x200 333x275x260 14.0 litre 180W 200W 4.0 kg
1000HT, 1000T 495x295x150 545x340x220 20.0 litre 250W 400W 6.0 kg
2000HT, 200T 495x295x200 545x340x335 30.0 litre 350W 400W 7.0 kg
3000HT, 3000T 620x495x200 675x545x280 60.0 litre 600W 1600W 15.0 kg
3800HT, 3800T 600x450x300 710x550x370 80.0 litre 650W 1600W 20.0 kg

Keywords: Control Timer, Reliable Cleaning, Ultrasonic Cleaners,

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