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By: BRP Bendigo regional plumbing  15-Oct-2014
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Bendigo Regional Plumbing - Products. Bendigo Regional Plumbing can install your heating and cooling solutions. The products we sell and install are below and you can see the manufacturers we deal with on our suppliers page. If you have specific requirements and are unsure what your best option is, fill in our form or call us on 03 5446 8220. Refrigerated Heating & Cooling Refrigerated Heating & Cooling Refrigerated cooling is specially designed to use the same ductwork and grilles as ducted gas heating. Ducted refrigerated air conditioners consist of a compressor, fan and heat exchange coil and use a refrigerant to cool the air. Refrigerated air conditioners have two separate mechanical parts, an outdoor compressor and an indoor unit/fan coil. We can help you with a range of models with rated capacities of between 10.8kW and 18.0kW which will deliver the right airflow to suite your home or business and lifestyle. Gas Ducted Heating & Space Heating Refrigerated Heating & Cooling There are a couple of reasons to consider gas ducted heating & space heating. With electricity costs rising faster than the price of gas, natural gas heating is a cost effective alternative, it is also better for the environment as it produces less greenhouse gas emissions than most other types of heating. As the temperature outside drops during winter a gas ducted system will keep your house as warm as you want it and provides instant warmth that will keep you comfortable, you can also turn rooms on or off by opening and closing the vents in each room of your home or office. Evaporative Cooling Systems Refrigerated Heating & Cooling Evaporative systems are the best way to fill your home or office with fresh air, this will cool your home of office as it removes the hot stale air. An evaporative cooling system will use up to 80% less electricity than a refrigerated system and you can leave your doors and windows open while it is operating. An evaporative system offers an allergy free solution and an asthma safe environment as well as ensuring full ventilation and it will never dry out your eyes or skin as well as being completely safe for your indoor plants. Add-on Cooling for Gas Heating Systems Refrigerated Heating & Cooling Add on Cooling for gas systemscomes in 2 options, the first being: Ducted gas heating with integrated refrigerated air conditioning - this option can use the same vents and ductwork as your air conditioning and both heating & cooling can be controlled via the same controller as it can be integrated to your existing cooling unit. (*depending on brand and style currently installed). Ducted gas heating with evaporative air conditioning - this option will use sepaerate vents and ductwork for your heating and cooling and is energy efficient with lower ongoing costs.

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