Feng Shui Consultation for Home or Business

Feng Shui Consultation for Home or Business from Whittlesea Wellness

By: Whittlesea Wellness  29-May-2013
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Feng Shui is the study and analysis of a building's environment, both inner and outer, visual and energetic. If you've noticed a change in circumstances relating to either Health, Wealth or Relationships since moving into a home, or if these are things you wish to improve upon, then a Feng Shui analysis will identify where and how to rectify the energy specific to these issues. Through a "flying stars" analysis, the most sacred and powerful school of Feng Shui, recommendations can be made to help improve the quality of life for the occupants. I offer two different types of reports for Feng Shui analysis. The first is an in-depth look at the property and includes not only Feng Shui but also Geomancy (considered to be the "first" Feng Shui) and Sick Building Syndrome. This report comes professionally bound and can take up to ten working days to complete. The other report is the Same Day Analysis which means that when I leave the client, I also leave the report. Both reports come with recommendations and the priority of recommendations. I also make a point to come up with low cost or no cost recommendations for every client whilst also taking into consideration their personal likes and dislikes in regards to style. I will never encourage anyone to go gaudy! Unless you personally wish to, but that's your perrogative! When the report is handed over to the client I also go through it with them to ensure they understand what needs to be done as it is up to the client to make the changes themselves. Ming Gua numbers are included for each member of the household, these numbers are derived from a person's date of birth and give us the best directions for which to sleep and study and work in. All this is explained at the consultation. I follow up with each client and I am available for queries and Feng Shui advice after each consultation, via em or phone. Typically a client will seek a feng shui consultation if; - they have just come through a tough period in their life, - have difficulty with finances, relationships or health - feel stuck and lack motivation - are having trouble selling a home or business - feel as though they are ready to step into the next phase of life - want to create a balanced and harmonious environment that will support them - wish to attract abundance, good luck and health - are ready for a new start - wish to start a family or change career - have moved into a new home or are considering renovations or buying - have just started a family and wish to concentrate on the baby's space Call Rebecca on 0433 677 080 to discuss your Feng Shui needs today.

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