Termite Tretments

By: Right Pest Control  21-Jun-2016
Keywords: Termite Control, Termite Inspection, Termite Treatment

The intention of a long term physical barrier is to deny termites underground access to a building or home. The benefit of these physical barriers is that it forces termite colonies to access structures externally where they are easier to see and control. There are many methods used by builders these days, but with councils and surveyors making termite protection part the building permit, it is important to get the right advice from the start of any new build so the correct method is installed at the right stage to meet Australian Standards 3660-1. PIPE COLLARS Termite Collars are used for structures built on concrete slabs. They are fitted around all plumbing and electrical work that come through the slab, inhibiting termite entry through the ground. A very cost-effective option. LIQUID TERMITICIDE BARRIER Liquid termiticide barriers are commonly used as they are the most cost effective and most simple to install if done at the correct stage of the build. The most common termiticide used in this application is a repellant that suspends the active ingredient in water. Once the suspended particle comes in contact with the soil it bonds to it, creating an effective barrier. This application is great for areas where reapplication can be a problem, such as under decks and below hard paved areas RETICULATION PIPES Pipe Reticulation is an irrigation-type system that is designed to distribute termiticide under the soil around internal and external foundations. This method is very useful in areas that will be covered by landscaping, concrete or paving. Once installed, the ease of reapplication for complete protection is relatively easy and prevents damage or disturbance to gardens and walkways. TERMITE MEMBRANES ( HomeGuard Blue ) HomeGuard Blue is an chemically impregnated sheet. HomeGuard Blue is specifically designed as a cost effective perimeter cavity termite barrier system and is to be used in combination with the existing components in the HomeGuard Precision Termite Management System Range. Under the Australian Standard 3660-1 Termite Management, HomeGuard Blue is classified as a termite barrier and can be used as a chemical and/or a physical Termite Management System meeting the ‘Performance Appraisal’ requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Keywords: Termite Control, Termite Inspection, Termite Treatment, Termite Tretments

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