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By: Right Pest Control  21-Jun-2016
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RE THERE NOISES IN YOUR ROOF AT NIGHT? DO YOU NEED A MOUSE OR RAT EXTERMINATOR? Rats and Mice can pose serious risks to you and your family’s health. Rats and mice are infamous for carrying germs and disease. They contaminate food, homes and businesses with their feces, urine and hair. They carry fleas and ticks and damage property by gnawing through containers, wood, insulation and wiring. This is why it is imperative to get a rat exterminator if your place is infested. We will send our expert mice exterminator Melbourne wide to fix your problem. Female rats and mice have very short gestation periods, between 19 – 22 days. They can produce well over 100 babies per annum and, given the right conditions, can live for up to 3 years. It’s easy to see how they, if left uncontrolled, can quickly multiply and pose great risk to public health and safety. The cost to property can rapidly reach into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Leaving a rodent problem alone will cost you a fortune in the long run. Get the expert mice and rat exterminator Right Pest Control to your place immediately. WHAT YOU CAN DO TO PREVENT THIS PROBLEM Hygiene is number one priority; do not leave any food out overnight Store pet food in the refrigerator Keep cupboard items in air-tight containers Seal gaps with suitable materials upon advice from one of our licensed technicians Call the professional rat exterminator Let the expert mice exterminator Melbourne based experts sort out your problem WHAT WE WILL DO Inspect the premises and report our pest findings Set up a rat and mice control plan to suit your area and problem This can include setting out child- and pet-friendly lockable bait stations Send the rat exterminator in to fix the problem

Keywords: Mice Control, Mice Exterminator, Rat Control, Rat Exterminator,

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