Bee & Wasp Removal

By: Right Pest Control  21-Jun-2016
Keywords: Wasp Removal, Bee Removal

Bees and wasps have become a significant problem in the warmer months. While they do have a very important part to play in the wider environment, bees, in particular, can be extremely dangerous for those who are allergic. FACTS ABOUT BEES & WASPS Wasps live in every continent in the world except Antartica In one summer, a wasp colony can have up to 50,000 wasps inside the nest A bees wings beat at 200 beats a second Bees fly at approximately 25 kilometres per hour Right Pest Control are experts with bee & wasp removal Melbourne wide WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE STUNG Ice the sting site—10 minutes on, 10 minutes off; avoid direct contact of ice and skin by using a towel or cloth; do not apply warm compresses Keep sting site elevated if possible to reduce swelling With doctors advice, an antihistamine or a hydrocortisone cream can be applied to reduce swelling and itching WHAT WE WILL DO Where possible we can endeavour to relocate bees or swarms safely Destroy nests with a environmentally friendly insecticidal dust Wasp Removal Melbourne specialists Bee Removal Melbourne Experts

Keywords: Bee Removal, Wasp Removal

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