By: Chantel Ahearn Counselling  22-Jun-2011
Keywords: Personal Development, Relationship Counselling, Counselling Service

My approach with working with nearly all of my clients is in two stages;

1. The counselling stage

In this stage we work with the immediate problems. The aim is:
  • to get you stabilised,
  • to reduce your symptoms, and,
  • to allow you to cope better.

2. The psychotherapy stage

In this stage we start to look at the underlying causes. The aim is;
  • to get you back on your feet,
  • to give you greater resilience, and,
  • to allow you to develop and grow.
In practice, these two stages almost always happen together - we deal with the immediate problems at the same time that we look at their causes. My work is always guided by the needs of my client. The psychotherapy work is usually deeper and more longer term that the counselling work.

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