By: Cargotech  15-Jul-2016

MOBILE APPS FOR FREIGHT FORWARDER A recent study conducted by Flurry revealed an aggregate usage of 300,000 apps on over a billion active mobile devices, also revealing that 80% of mobile time is spent on apps. This significant study signifies the usage of mobile apps for modern businesses CW Mobile Tracking/Mobile Tracking This proves to be a helpful resource to manage and track customer shipments, promising real-time shipment visibility with a seamless user interface. This was created as a resource to assist our clients in staying informed and alert when they are moving with existing CW log-in credentials. Push Notification Hailed as one of the most effective ways to reach your customers. A business uses push notifications to share instant updates and make consistent client contact. Customized push notifications tunes are designed to match client’s business branding efforts and help you formulate a cohesive marketing strategy. The better your strategic implementation, the better they serve. Please call us now to find out more how we can assist your company growth. A lot of activity takes places in the cloud. Simply speaking, the following actions take place: Recommend Functions or Features. • CW Mobile Tracking • Push Notifications • Air Tracking • Shipment Tracking • Social Media Promotion • Industry News • Documentations • Volume and Air charge weight Calculation