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By: Anthony M Cichello & Associates, Registered Clinical Psychologist  13-Feb-2011
Keywords: Training, Depression, Anxiety

My eight year Accredited postgraduate Registered Clinical Psychology training enables me to offer you a credible and safe service that specialises with adults, couples and youth and to utilise a collaborative approach, based on the psychological therapies that are world recognized as providing the best proven outcomes (that is, evidence-based) , to treat a wide range of emotional, cognitive and mental health conditions including -
* Clinical Psychological Assessments and Case Formulation, and Second Opinion
* Formal Personality Assessments
* Depression, Recurrent Depressive Disorder, Cyclothymic Disorder, Dysthymia, unhappiness, suicidal feelings
* Bipolar Disorder (Types 1, 2 and 3) including clarification of diagnosis
* Panic Disorders, Specific Phobias, including Fear of Flying
* Other Anxiety Disorders including -
Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Chronic Worry,
Social Anxiety Disorder and Performance Anxiety,
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and perfectionism,
Post Trauma Stress Disorder and adjustment after trauma,
Body Dysmorphia, and
* Drug, alcohol and / or smoking addictions
* Self-esteem and self-image problems
* Insomnia and / or Night Terrors
* Chronic Pain and Chronic Fatigue
* Personality Assessments and Personality Disorders
* Marital and relationship conflicts
* Eating problems and disorders, and weight issues
* Couples Therapy
* Family Issues, Succession Planning and / or disinheritance
* Same-Sex Attracted issues
* Sex Therapy, Sexuality issues and compulsions
* Internet Addictions
* Gender and Gender-Identity related issues
* Adjustment to life after religion and cults / disfellowship
* Existential / Life Goals dilemmas

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