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By: Gr8Chi Health & Wellness  23-Jan-2013
Keywords: Personal Fitness, Weightloss, Health Supplement

FireCHI ~ Retail: $65.00 until end of January. $75 from 1st of February FireCHI - AUST L 201733 FireCHI with Green Tea & Chilli helps with increasing your Metabolism, Fat Oxidation and the Thermogenesis. It is a source of Natural Antioxidants. FireCHI helps with weightloss, energy & general well - being. FireCHI is recommended for the initial stages of weight loss. It has been formulated to help promote the thermogenesis, which can help you burn more calories when used in conjunction with healthy eating andexercise. It is also helpful for people that suffer from too much damp. Damp is defined as people who retain fluid and/or suffer from cold hands and feet. Key Ingredients in FireCHI are: Green Tea which is commonly used to aid in weight loss & improve mental alertness Garcinia Quaesitia has been used in Traditional Chinese medicine to aid indigestion and assist to increase metabolism. Gymnema Sylveste has a long history in Traditional India, to aid the circulatory system, used as a diuretic and help with sugar cravings Chilli is a herb used that has been used for thousands of years to aid in weightloss. Scientists are reporting new evidence that capsaicin, the stuff that gives chilli pepers their kick, may cause weight loss an fight fat build up by triggering certain beneficial protein changes in the body. Folic Acid also known as B9 is essential in numerous bodily functions. The human body needs folate to synthesize DNA, repair DNA and methylate DNA as well as to act to act as a cofactor in certain biological reactions. B12 helps with sertoin levels of the brain. When the serotonin levels are out of balance, you can suffer from depression and anxiety. Suggested Adult Dosage 1-2 Capsules a Day with warm water Drink plenty of water Do not skip meals Eat 6 small healthy meals a day Do not over consume alcohol Do not drink caffeine Excerise is recommend and will help to enhance results. Consult your Healthcare Professional before starting any new Vitamin Supplement. Vitamin Supplements should not replace a balanced diet. Always read the label. Use only as directed.Results will vary from person to person. Be careful you MAY Lose YOUR Pants.

Keywords: Health Supplement, Personal Fitness, Weightloss

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