Solar Hydronic Heating

By: Hydronic Heating Victoria  01-Dec-2010
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If we claim to be an ethical and conscientious warrior for ecology and sustainability, why would we not exploit SOLAR - the most obvious free energy source available ? The answer is . . . we do . . , just not in the most obvious way, but we do so in the most considered and scientific way.

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Geothermal Hydronic Heating Systems

Geothermal : Plastic pipes are buried underground either horizontally or vertically. A water/anti-freeze mixture is pumped through the pipes into which heat is absorbed from the ground heat. The warmed mixture goes through a heat-pump where it releases its heat into refrigerant, thereby cooling the mixture which is then recirculated back through the underground pipes. The Geothermal heat-pump itself is typically about the same cost as an air-sourced heat pump, but the extra cost of bury

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Air Sourced Australian Made Heat Pump

Cold Climate Air Sourced Heat Pumps, specially designed for hydronic heating in cold climates, roughly 1/4th the running cost of LPG.