Geothermal Hydronic Heating Systems

By: Hydronic Heating Victoria  01-Dec-2010
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Geothermal - Ground Sourced Hydronic Heating

Did you think Geothermal/Ground-Sourced Heating was the best ? WRONG!

Why spend money on a Geothermal system that only works for you in winter ?

The most cost-efficient system for Australian weather conditions is an Air-Sourced system combined with year-round photovoltaics (solar electricity) and/or wind generated electricity!

An Air-Sourced Heat Pump offset by solar and/or wind power is:

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Solar Hydronic Heating

For Home Hydronic Heating In the southern states where home heating is required, heating a 200sqm home in mid winter may need approx. 100kwh/day (equivalent of 2x 3.6kw std. electric water heater units, each running 14hrs/day) Given the average daily winter solar output from a 30 tube solar-boosted evacuated tube system of 6.5kwh/day, then you would need about 17x 30tube arrays (about 500 tubes) to be 100% solar self-efficient. (AND sufficient water storage so the energy can be used over

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Air Sourced Australian Made Heat Pump

Cold Climate Air Sourced Heat Pumps, specially designed for hydronic heating in cold climates, roughly 1/4th the running cost of LPG.