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By: Naturo Corner  06-Oct-2010
Keywords: Nutrition, Anxiety, Natural Therapies

VEGA Testing

Eleisha uses the Electro Dermal Acupuncture testing in particular VEGA Test method. It is a quick, painless and effective way to evaluate a whole range of health related issues on an energetic level.

Orthodox Medicine understands the causes for disease mainly in terms of pathological changes in the morphology of organs and tissues, while Functional Medicine (eg. VEGA testing) traces these causes by looking at energetic regulatory disturbances throughout the body to locate functional disturbances. Such functional disturbances appear when the body can no longer compensate and are usually the beginning of a pathogenic process, which can then manifest itself as a recognisable disease.

VEGA Testing can assist with finding out about:
• Food Allergies
• Hormone deficiency
• Vitamin/Mineral deficiency
• Microbial levels
• Heavy Metal Toxicity
• Any Specific Problems

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