What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with you? from Lawrence Hypnotherapy

By: Lawrence Hypnotherapy  27-May-2011
Keywords: Depression, Anxiety, Business Coaching

Quit smoking, lose weight with a sub-conscious perspective shift

Are you killing yourself with poisons because you don't know how to stop?
Does your body not know how to sleep at night?
are you emotionally eating because you can't fill what's really missing?

Experts seem to know all of the answers, make all of the money and seem so happy in life
If you already have the answers, then why aren't you using them for heavens sake?

What if i were to tell you that your sub-conscious is stumbling over a sole the problem logic orientated style of thinking instead of an explore the goal loosely calmly positive perspective style of thinking.

This has become a real problem today with people attracting into their lives what they hate.

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Keywords: Anxiety, Business Coaching, Depression, Quit Smoking, Smoking, Treatment