Archetype Readings

By: Archetype Readings  23-Jun-2015
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You’re feeling stuck? You’d like to know what the future holds? By coincidence or synchronicity, you're in the right place. Hi, I’m Gail Goodwin. I’m a teacher and mentor, and an author of two self-help books: A Dialogue with the Soul – Using Personality Archetypes to Access Inner Wisdom, and A Question of Balance – Colour, Energy and Healing with Chakras. I have always been able to see potentials and future possibilities. I read archetypes and chakras. Archetypes and chakras are patterns and patterns can be read. Archetype Readings are non-psychic readings. I'm not a psychic, but when I read archetypes and chakras, I can see future possibilities and solutions. Are you ready to get going? Lets do it. Phone 0438 018 268

Keywords: Archetype Reading, Chakra, Chakra Reading, Non-Psychic Readings, Readings,