Pinterest is like the middle child of social media; left out, and neglected.

Pinterest is like the middle child of social media; left out, and neglected. from Twenty4

By: Twenty4  29-Aug-2013
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Until now it was a haven for wedding planners, and people particularly fond of braided hair. But the social networking site is stepping up its game, developing resources specifically aimed at businesses as it tries to grow its market share and reclaim users it lost to Instagram. Recently the site rolled out a new “rich pins” feature – providing users information such as price, availability and location on the items they pin from retailers. Going one step further, yesterday they announced “automatic notifications”, alerting users when a product they’ve pinned goes on sale. Head of engineering, Jon Jenkins explains that Pinterest isn’t about connecting people to other people, but about connecting people to interests. A fundamental difference between itself and other social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The engineering team is working on providing new ways to connect people to their interests, by building an “Interest Graph”, which will effectively filter user generated data and provide targeted recommendations and search results. Already well-known for driving traffic to ecommerce sites, Pinterest is working on ways to bring more of the shopping experience into its website and app, which could eventually become a bid for some sort of revenue share or commission. For now, though, there is no cost to businesses to use rich pins. Once a business has established itself with a verified business account on Pinterest, it can apply to get rich pins for its products, recipes or movies. Perhaps it’s time to get pinning again? Read more of their business success stories @

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