Concierge easiest way to deposit bond

Concierge easiest way to deposit bond from Deposit Assure

By: Deposit Assure  11-Jul-2016
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Meet the ONE thing guaranteed to eliminate time and stress from your deposit bond application There are lots of things about buying a property that can be stressful, but Deposit Assure is making sure that getting a deposit bond isn’t one of them. Enter the concierge service. Experienced purchasers, as well as first home buyers, know that buying a property is not always smooth sailing. In fact, it can often be a hectic experience filled with unpredictable bumps in the road. So the last thing you want is the added complication of another time-consuming process – especially if you’re not sure exactly how a deposit bond works. What is the Deposit Assure concierge service? Our concierge service is the simplest no-cost way of applying for your deposit bond. Using their in-depth experience and know-how, our friendly team will take care of your application from beginning to end. You have no messy forms and paperwork to fill out – simply leave all the hard work to the experts and enjoy more time to focus on what you do best. Best of all, the concierge service is free! Here’s how it works: Deposit-Bond-Concierge-Pathway Step 1. Simple phone call Unsure whether you are eligible for or require a deposit bond? Our deposit bond concierge team will call you to assess your situation and let you know either way. No obligations. No fee. Step 2. Pre-qualify and collect information If a deposit bond is what you need, our concierge team will take care of the rest. We’ll identify which documents are needed for your pre-qualification and collect the information to support your application. Step 3. Prepare and lodge application Our team will prepare and lodge the application on your behalf. You won’t need to fill in any forms or paperwork! Step 4. Check and sign Once we’ve completed your application, you simply check, sign and proof the documents required. Step 5. Application Approved! Next, we lodge your deposit bond application with QBE, the strongest underwriters in the market. Again, you don’t need to lift a finger! Plus, because Deposit Assure deposit bonds are backed by QBE insurance, vendors and real estate agents have peace of mind that our bonds will be honoured. Step 6. Send your deposit bond Our team will send or email a copy of the deposit bond to you and all parties involved in your property settlement, like your real estate agent, conveyancer or solicitor, and your broker. And the job’s done! Why call it a concierge service? A concierge is someone who’s renowned for knowing their way around and providing a second-to-none personal service to make your life easier. Think about when you’re staying at a hotel in a new city. Who do you turn to when you need a little guidance? Who do you ask to help book the best restaurants or shows? You turn to the concierge because they have the know-how to guide you on a smoother journey. It’s the same with Deposit Assure’s concierge service. Our aim is to help you spend time on the things that matter most to you. And, let’s face it, that’s not filling out forms and worrying about whether you have the right documentation! Is it really free? Yes! Deposit Assure has developed the concierge service at no cost to you. It enables you to focus, without distraction, on running your business, juggling a hectic work schedule, or spending more precious time with your family. And frankly, do anything other than filling in forms! Get started! Leave your application to the experts – let one of our concierge team give you a call, and free up valuable time in your property purchase process!

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