Organo Gold Gourmet Coffee

Organo Gold Gourmet Coffee from Cuppa Wealth

By: Cuppa Wealth  10-Sep-2013
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Organo Gold Healthy Gourmet Coffee is an extraordinary product that is unique, delicious, and just downright good for you in so many ways! What makes it special is an ingredient called Ganoderma which is infused into every amazing cup! The Ganoderma in this coffee is 100% certified organic and you can’t taste it or smell it in your coffee but each time you drink a cup you are getting over 200 nutrients and 150 antioxidants into your system. - OG coffee is non-acidic! IMPORTANT because an acidic system is the perfect environment for disease to thrive. - OG coffee has very little caffeine! A traditional cup has 150-200 mg. of caffeine, a decaf. cup has 40-60 mg (and it’s chemically processed which is not healthy), but OG coffee only has about 15 mg. (this is because Ganoderma sees caffeine as a toxin and detoxes most of it out of your body before it can be absorbed). - OG coffee still gives you energy! The Ganoderma oxygenates your bloodstream giving you a clean energy that sustains itself throughout the day. No more jolt, jitters and crash a few hours later! - OG coffee detoxes the body! With every cup, your body is gently ridding itself of dangerous toxins (we’re exposed to more toxins daily than our grandparents were in their entire lifetime). WHAT IF YOU COULD STILL ENJOY A HIGH-QUALITY, FULL BODIED, DELICIOUS BLEND OF COFFEE WITHOUT THE NEGATIVE IMPACT? Now you can!

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Organo Gold Gourmet Coffee

Do you or somebody you know drink Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate? Drinking Coffee or Tea is a habit, people must have their tea or coffee. As you will appreciate this opportunity has a strong ongoing income due to the continual consumption of coffee green tea or hot chocolate. It's a simple and wanted product, everyone knows what coffee is. It's a universal language!